HTTPS Issues#

The internetarchive library uses the HTTPS protocol for making secure requests by default. If you run into problems with this, you can use HTTP to make insecure requests in one of the following ways:

  • Adding the following lines to your ia.ini config file (usually located at ~/.config/ia.ini or ~/.ia.ini):

    secure = false
  • In the Python interface, using a config dict:

    >>> from internetarchive import get_item
    >>> config = {'general': {'secure': False}}
    >>> item = get_item('<identifier>', config=config)
  • In the command-line interface, use the --insecure option:

    $ ia --insecure download <identifier>


On some 32-bit systems you may run into issues uploading files larger than 2 GB. You may see an error that looks something like OverflowError: long int too large to convert to int. You can get around this by upgrading requests:

pip install --upgrade requests

You can find more details about this issue at the following links: